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The new Timbersled Mountain Horse snow bike system is the first ever conversion kit for a dirt bike that is designed for the mountains and deep snow conditions. It was built to resemble the general layout of a snowmobile. It works extremely well in deep snow conditions and is very forgiving on all types of snow. The system has a snowmobile style rear suspension with the track forming an approach angle to the snow. This provides excellent flotation and maximizes the HP to the snow.

Snow Bike Specifications:

• The front of the track has a 20 degree approach angle provide the ultimate snow flotation.
• Our kit has the same pressure points on the ground as the bike with tires.
• 121” x 12” x 2” Camoplast Back Country track.
• Mtn. Tamer rear suspension system provides the best possible traction and a smooth ride.
• System adds 60 lbs to the bike; making the total weight of a Moto-x bike 290 lbs

Kit Information:

• Bolt on kit to your bike with no modifications (simply remove and replace parts).
• Snow Bike system comes as a complete assembled unit that is ready to install.
• Kits available for late model dirt bikes that are 250cc and larger: A 450cc (or larger) dirt bike will        give you the most out of your kit. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM & Husaberg
• Standard kit color is all black.
• Custom colors are available for $150.00 per color.
• Full line of add-on accessories available.

Mountain Tamer Rear Suspension:

The Mtn. Tamer is the rear suspension of the bike. The System does not use a traditional mono shock design that a dirt bike has. The Mtn. Tamer suspension design puts even pressure on the snow between the front and back portion of the track and is able to automatically adjust to uneven terrain. This provides the best possible traction on every snow condition and gives superior flotation.

• Uses our same unique lightweight design suspension that Timbersled uses on snowmobiles.
• Provides an extremely smooth ride with 16” of vertical travel.
• Fully adjustable for all types of abusive riding such as Deep powder or jumping.
• 20 degree approach angle provide the ultimate snow flotation

Frame and Tunnel:

The backbone of the assembly is a uniquely designed tubular 4130 chrome molly sub-frame that is very strong and lightweight. Mounted to this sub-frame is bolt on 3/16” thick aluminum tunnel sides that provides strong mounting for the rear suspension and provides protection for your feet. It also has a tubular rear bumper and a tunnel top that eliminates snow spray and provides a good spot to put accessories (Gas cans, bags, etc).

This assembly is mounted to the frame of the bike using the factory swing arm pivot with an adjustable link rod in place of the OEM mono-shock. The rod allows you to raise and lower the seat height of the motorcycle. This works well for different height riders.

Drive System:

Here is how it works, 1st Drive chain from motor to jack shaft. 2nd Jack shaft
transfers to outside of tunnel. 3rd Secondary chain drives from jack-shaft
to drive shaft, 4th The system drives off the front of the track.

• Uses a disc brake with Dynalite Wildwood caliper.
• Chain tensioners on both drive chains (provides adjustment for different gear
• Secondary chain drive system is inside a sealed chain case.
• EK x-ring gold chains, 4140 chrome molly steel axles, 7075 aluminum
sprockets and bearing cages.

Ski Mount:

The ski assembly is a heavy-duty welded aluminum adapter that replaces the wheel. It mounts on a Simmons dual keel ski. The Simmons ski has been proven to be the most stable ski for this application. When riding in any snow condition the ski will not wash out from under you even on a steep the hill side or when making a tight of turn. This gives you a more stable feeling than even the tire on a MX bike.

Here is how it works, 1st Remove the tire and brake assembly with handle bar brake cylinder still attached. 2nd Mount the ski spindle to the forks with stock bolt. 3rd Ski spindle is then secured to the base of the forks tubes with a billet aluminum mounting clamp. 4th Ski mounts to a billet aluminum base that is adjustable for different snow conditions.

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